Blue Flower

Welcome to the fountain of ICT Knowledge

Every year that passes in the physical world, equates to a decade in the ICT world. Just imagine what would have happened in your world in 10 years. Well the ICT world is rapidly changing at a rate of 1 : 10 to your world and in process shapes your world.

Moeketsi ONE is a portal bridge between the physical world and the ICT world. We are passionate about ICT. Value of ICT in the physical world is maximized when people are familiar to the concepts of the ICT zone. At Moeketsi ONE we smile when people start to say ICT is easy. In fact, we see it as a way of life.

In the year 2011, we embarked on elevating the concepts of the ICT world. The year 2012 is the year of leverage where everything suddenly is possible. Therefore, we will deal with plethora of concepts including the following:

  1. -Cloud Computing

  2. -Virtual Reality

  3. -Social Networking

  4. -The Internet

  5. -Programming

Let us have fun... Moeketsi ONE is for you. There are no paid services; allow us to teach you.